Monday, October 22, 2012

Giving Kiosks Here!

Our giving Kiosks will start shipping on November 1st.  Please let us know if your are interested by emailing us at or you can email me directly at  Or call my cell phone at 865-437-8702.  We have wall mounts, table mounts, and floor mounts.  The price starts at $819.  That includes the kiosk, mount, the swipe, the guys hand and his debit card, and an iPad 2.  Order quickly.  Said guy only has 2 hands and they are going quick.  
  • Accept Donations at the Church
  • Accept Payment for Church Camp, Building fund, coffee...via our kiosk
  • Allow users to create recurring gift.
  • All gifts are integrated with your SimpleGive account
  • All gift are reported to your SimpleGive admin site.  

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Giving Kiosks

We are hot on the trail of providing a great new way for your congregation to give.  Fast, easy and readily available.  This will enable givers and non-givers to setup recurring gifts any time they are at your facilities.   Let us know if your organizations is interested in deploying one or two or twenty of these.  We will have multiple options once these are complete.  

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Debt Free Giving

We have had our software developers locked in a room for several months now.  It is amazing what you can get out of a developer if you limit thier  human interaction and pump them with caffeine.  Well, at some point they had enough of that small room.  We have let them out on good behavior and GREAT software enhnancements.  We are now able to limit giving to debit cards only transacations.  In addition, if you want to limit giving to debit cards, but not limit church camp signups or any other separate form we can do that too.  If this is an interest to your organization, please email me at and we will work through moving you over to debit card and eCheck only transactions.  

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Reasons for Online Giving

Online Giving

            I still remember my first chance to “participate” in giving money to church. My mother placed the family check in my hands to put in the offering basket. My father promptly removed the family check from my hands when he heard me exclaim to a friend, “My parents gave me a check for X dollars!” Fast forward several years of my life and that X amount of dollars means a lot more to me than it did as a five year old. Instead of handing off my parents’ money, I worship by sacrificing a part of my income, and I realize the vital role that money plays in the service and abilities of the church. If a church has more money, it really can do more for others. Online giving is a new and very effective means for a church to receive more offering so that it can offer more.

Stabilizing the Offering
            Online giving offers several advantages over that of traditional offering methods. Members who move away, for example, can continue to give towards a specific ministry or missionary from their previous church. Although perhaps the greatest benefit of online giving is the ability to set up recurring gifts. If an automatic transaction occurs each month before anything else, that payment has priority over later expenditures. This is much closer to first-fruits giving than a guilt-ridden fifty dollar bill in the offering plate.
            On the other hand, an argument against recurring gifts is that it might lose the aspect of worship because the gift is forgotten. A fair rebuttal, however, is that people do not so easily forget where their money goes. Instead, think of the vacations in the summer, holidays in the winter, and sickness all year round. How many families take vacation, get sick, or simply forget their checkbook, only to later forget the missed offering next week? Recurring giving promotes and even enforces healthy giving habits. Recurring giving stabilizes giving.

Re-enfranchising Potential Givers
            Online giving addresses more than just absent minded givers and forgotten check books. Personally, I have never carried a checkbook. The young adult generation of today grew up after the reign of plastic had already begun. In 2006, Visa Check Card released a series of commercials in which crowds moved and purchased seamlessly and synchronously with their cards, but everything literally crashed to an awkward halt as soon as that guy had to pull out cash. While I am a proponent of cash, the commercial still represents a significant amount of time and marketing dollars instilling into society that plastic is good and cash/checks are useless – I can feel Dave Ramsey cringe at that thought.
            Like it or not, however, a generation that might never have used a check in their lives is entering into adulthood – and hopefully those people also enter the church. It could be said that the churches who refuse to adapt to online giving (which accepts check cards) are refusing to adapt to the changing society. This is not the place for a discussion on whether or not a church should completely change itself with the times, and I will admit that its perfectly fine to ask of a younger generation more tolerance and acceptance in matters of dress or even worship styles. But is it right to close off a large percentage of Christians from monetary worship unless they carry a foreign (foreign to them, at least) currency?

Making it Easier
            In a discussion about money, it is impossible to forget the current state of the economy. With a worse economy, church members find it harder to give. Barna Group found that between 2008 and 2010, 45% of Americans donating to churches started giving less – and they have done so substantially.[1] While a certain percentage of those who dropped their giving most likely lost their jobs or fell under other hard circumstances, this alone could not account for 45% of giving Christians. Could it be instead that most families simply found it less convenient to give as much or as often?
            In 2003, Apple Computer launched the iTunes Music Store. Its purpose was to legitimately sell music in accordance with copyright law, but these were the days of Napster, Kazaa, and the like – it was incredibly easy to illegally download music for free. Many critiqued the store’s launch as a practice in futility. What took place instead was the salvation of the music industry. Steve Jobs believed that people would pay for a better experience – that average people do not necessarily want to steal and break copyright law, but they need a realistic method for doing the right thing. The iTunes Music Store and its simplicity was and is a huge success – I need not waste time attempting to prove Apple’s proliferation in the marketplace today. To switch from doing the wrong thing (downloading music illegally) to doing the right thing required little effort, so people made the switch.
            Could this phenomena act the same way for potential givers in our churches? Perhaps it is not that the people in the pews feel that giving is a bad thing. Perhaps most would even agree that a full ten percent tithe is important. This does not play out in reality, however, and this is due, in part, to the traditional methods of taking up an offering. I do my finances at home in the living room and I never carry checks – this is a common financial comfort zone. When people are more comfortable, they will more willingly participate. If a church begins online giving, the switch from doing the wrong thing (not giving or not giving enough) to doing the right thing will require less effort. Maybe even less enough effort that our members make the switch. Who wouldn’t want to make giving to a church or nonprofit easier?

-Adam Bloch, Guest Blogger

[1] Barna Group, “The Economy’s Impart (Part 3 of 3): Donors Reduce Giving, Brace for the Long Haul,”

Thursday, March 8, 2012

IPad 2 referral Program UPGRADED!!!

If you didn't know, we have a referral program. Refer a church to us and if they signup we send you a 75 dollar gift card to any restaurant and put you into a drawing for an IPad 2. The new rule is IPad3. No body wants last years model.

This is our way of saying thank you. We value our customers.

Ben Sealey

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

SimpleGive - Server Upgrades

FYI - We are working on upgrading our servers. We are moving our servers to a company called RackSpace, which is one of the leaders in the server industry. You shouldn't notice any issues with our services, but this will require an occasional restart of our services while we get this completed over the next 24 hours. We are posting this notice on the off-chance that something is noticed. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at


Monday, October 17, 2011

October Updates, (aka September updates)

New Enhancements

Most of the new ideas for our service come from you, our customer. If there is something that SimpleGive could do to increase online donations or make your job easier, then please e-mail those ideas to us at

One example of an idea is an integration with DonorTools that we just completed. One of our customers (Travel the Road - uses DonorTools to track their donors and how much they give. DonorTools has an "Open API" that allows other software to add donor and donation information to their system. We added an enhancement to SimpleGive that automatically adds the donor and donation information to DonorTools for any of our clients that have this feature enabled. This means that Travel the Road doesn't have to enter their online donation information into their bookkeeping system because it is now done automatically.

Another example is the concept of the envelope or member number. We have the ability to enable this field for your organization so the donor can enter their existing envelope/member number when making an online gift. Many churches use it to track families/donors within their existing bookkeeping software. One of our customers uses this number to better match the individuals when importing the information into their bookkeeping software.

What bookkeeping software do you use? Are you interested in working with us to see if we can automate some of the data processes? E-mail us at if you are interested in this.